Comfy Crawlers®, padded clothes for crawling infants and toddlers. A practical solution to red knees on crawling babies. Helping protect babies knees, elbows and tushies everywhere! "Designed by a mom and loved by babies!"


Comfy Crawlers by Gissy Bella
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Fashionable and functional pants with cushy knee, shin and rear pocket foam pads for crawling, scooting and toddling infants.  Made with soft, durable fabrics and lightly padded for everyday wear, Comfy Crawlers are the perfect solution to your crawling babies red knees. 

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When your baby begins to walk, you'll feel better knowing that with each tumble,  your babies' knees and tush will be softly cushioned. 
Comfy Crawlers are perfect for...
*Crawling, scooting on tush, toddling & walking
*Help protect sensitive skin on babies knees & shins
*Recommended my moms whose infants suffer from easy bruising or hemophilia 
*No need to buy expensive rugs and easier to keep clean!
*Great for playgrounds, hardwood and tile floors, and uneven surfaces
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