Comfy Crawlers®, padded clothes for crawling infants and toddlers. A practical solution to red knees on crawling babies. Helping protect babies knees, elbows and tushies everywhere! "Designed by a mom and loved by babies!"


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Patrick Talbot Friday March 13, 2015
Comfy Crawlers is the best invention possible! Now my kids can crawl, walk, and play without hurting their knees. Thank-you Comfy Crawlers! Patrick.
From: California
Walker Mommy Friday March 13, 2015
I love the comfy crawlers for my kids, because not only do they protect them they are adorable, every time my children are out in them, people love them and ask where to get them. I give them two thumbs up!!
From: United States
Elisa Stelling Wednesday February 25, 2015
I love the Comfy Crawlers products. I purchased many pants and outfits not only for my grandchildren but also for presents at work. The designs are beautiful and well made. I wish I had the chance to get them when my children were small. They really do the job and look great!
From: Loma Linda CA
Jessye Tuesday February 24, 2015
I love Comfy Crawlers. I've purchased them for my own baby as well as for all of my friends' babies. The padding is in all the perfect places.
From: Redlands
Momma A. Wednesday March 19, 2014
I got 2 of these as a gift for our infant son that was diagnosed with hemophilia in January 2014 at 8 months old. They ordered us the 12-18 month size. My lil man is a chunky monkey, and so at age 11 months I am back again ordering the larger size. This is a wonderful product for Hemo kids...
From: NA
JoAnne Moss Friday September 25, 2009
I am a mom that has a lil boy with severe Hemophilia A. My son Peyton loves these clothes!! The reason I love these clothes is that there is padding in all the right spots. My son wont keep his knee pads and elbow pads on. He is such a smart cookie so these clothes he can NOT get off and his knees, and his elbows and his tush is all padded. I really recommend these clothes for any one that has kids or baby's with hemophilia. It is so much better then making Peyton upset by wearing his knee pads and elbow pads this way he thinks there is nothing on them but there is!!
From: Staten Island
Joanne Moss Tuesday September 22, 2009
I think the style of your clothes are great and this helps the bleeding disorder community so much. I just want to thank you =)
Please let me know if you get any more shirts with elbow pads cause u are the only one that has padded shirts NOT even the hemophilia web page has them I been looking crazy for this. My husband and I are so happy to have found your site.
I also put your link up on Facebook and I have allot of hemophilia moms on there with lil kids. Maybe if you get a really big turn out you can make some of the clothes in bigger sizes for when they walk.
Thank again
JoAnne Moss
From: Staten Island, NY
Christine Fox Monday September 21, 2009
Hi Marina,
Chace has been using the Comfy Crawler all weekend! We love it!
From: San Diego, CA
Martin Grant Tuesday September 1, 2009
You've been great, and the products are beautiful - the suit is so soft, and the jeans are so tough - exactly as i'd hoped!
We'll be ordering again whether it is me or my wife - as we're both very pleased.

I have no doubt my son will be the star of the show in his padded jeans and shirt at my wife's Mothers' Group this Thursday.

I was gardening on the weekend and he was crawling about on the rough driveway... i kept thinking how i'd like to have a pair of jeans like his for garden work!

Kind Regards,
From: Australia
Charlse Tuesday June 23, 2009
This webpage is great I love to read it
Jennifer Freeman Saturday January 31, 2009
Hi Marina,
Out of curiosity, I just googled you and found your profile on Startup Princess. First, congratulations for everything you have accomplished in just 2 years! When I read your profile, I just smiled because we were in the same situation! This is how I discovered your comfy crawlers: I too had thought to myself as I watched my 10 month old crawl all over our hard wood floors that it would be great to have her wear clothes with extra padding in the knees. So I googled a bit to try to find something to buy, but didn't find anything the first time, so again a week or so later I googled again for padded knees baby pants and finally found your site. But before I found your website, I had actually thought to myself at one point that I too would "invent" these since it just seems so obvious that there is a need (and a market) for this product. Well, now that I've tried your comfy crawlers, I'll just stick with yours, since they're great (and I don't have the energy to start a business, but I certainly admire you!).

OK, I hope you don't mind this email; it's just that when I read your description on Startup Princess, you just sounded a lot like me, so I thought to pass along these ideas since I'm probably too lazy to make a whole business myself - again, congratulations to you! The only other thing I wish is that you increase your marketing. I'm generally pretty good at googling but I had to search twice to find your business. I don't know, to me your comfy crawlers are the greatest thing since sliced bread, yet none of my friends and family (who all have littel kids at this age) have ever heard of such a thing. I'll spread the word in my circles, but I hope you get more popular nationally :))
From: Potomac, MD
Tammy Sauve Monday October 13, 2008
Wow! Iam a single mother and business owner too! I own a medical transport business and subcontract with the government. I am thankful cuz you prob saved me from some stupid protective service visit.....possibly who knows cuz my 2 yr old has constant bruises on her shins!! she bruises easily.....just like I did as a child and even as an adult.......even now I bruise easy on my shins.......but try telling that to a doctor........ya know....geez ...our world is sometimes uneasy to live in anymore....well thank you so much and good luck in your future wishes........from another single mother....Tammy Sauve
From: Grawn, MI
Jessica Ybarra Tuesday September 16, 2008
I love your helmet cover. My son, not that I would put a big flower on him :-, has to wear a cranial helmet to reshape his head. Almost similar to bike helmets only rounder. its a condition called plagiocephaly. Im telling you this because if you can some how make covers to fit cranial helmets im sure you would sell alot of them, it would be alot easier to just switch out the covers as oppose to painting them. just a suggestion, thanks.
Marissa Mullen Sunday July 20, 2008
Hi there! I bought a pair of your pants for my one year old and I love them! They're stylish, comfy and perfect for him especially since we have hardwood floors. I love your website!
From: San Diego, CA
Pregnancy & Newborn Magazine editor Sunday July 20, 2008
The Comfy Crawlers line seems too cute and very practical!
Katherine Wilson Monday April 14, 2008
I recently purchased a pair of the beachy blue comfy crawlers for my grandson and he loves them! They are so comfy and he actually crawl faster when he's wearing them! Thank you for making such a great product...
From: Chicago, IL
Karen Hammer Thursday January 17, 2008
Thank you for great customer service & a great product!
From: Boulder, CO
Shari Rudavsky Sunday December 16, 2007
those clothes seem so comfortable for my little guy. too bad they don't come in my size!
From: Indianapolis, IN

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