Comfy Crawlers®, padded clothes for crawling infants and toddlers. A practical solution to red knees on crawling babies. Helping protect babies knees, elbows and tushies everywhere! "Designed by a mom and loved by babies!"


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Crissy Mehler Sunday December 16, 2007
I love, love, love these pants! Only a mom could have thought of the soft cushions on the knees and butt! I tell everyone with babies about them, and my nieces and nephews all have them now! Good job Marina! I also love your customer service, you are so accomodating and I truly appreciate how quickly you respond to my questions. Thanks!
From: Pembroke Pines, FL
Patricia G Saturday December 15, 2007
I ordered th Breastfeeding Buddy and I absolutely love it! So much that i want to purchase another for my sister who is also nursing. What a great idea-so much cheaper than those covers can be. These are just as stylish and pretty once paired with baby's favorite blanket! Thanks again!
From: wonder lake, IL
Erica H Friday December 14, 2007
I had the best personal experience with Gissy Bella. Great communication, lots of help, and great products. Marina was such a darling to work with!
From: Fredericksburg, VA
marissa Friday December 14, 2007
I love these pants! I was impressed with how fast they got to me and they look adorable on my son. He's crawling up a storm these days, so they are perfect for him.
Alison Friday December 14, 2007
These pants were a godsend! We have tile throughout our house and our son just loves to crawl after the dog and moves so fast his little knees were so red. He wears these pants so often I have to put them in the wash after he goes to bed so they are ready for yet another day! And the great waist band was perfect as he lost a bit when he started to crawl more. Thanks Gissy!
From: San Jose, CA
Allison Friday December 14, 2007
We love these pants! We have hardwood floors and ceramic tile throughout our house and our daughter's little knees were turning red from crawling everywhere. They have been a blessing and keep her from fussing with sore knees at the end of the day. My husband asked me to buy more of them since he is tired of seeing the same pants on her every day. They fit well and are so adorable on her. Thank you so much for your invention!
From: Richmond, VA
Leda Lada Friday December 14, 2007
We got an ultrasuede pair at first for the colder months and loved it so much we got the swirly cotton pair for summer --which, although it is basically white, has a pattern that cleverly conceals dirt. Both are incredibly comfy, cute and easy to keep clean. I've recommended Comfy Crawlers and your website to other new moms.
From: Toronto, Canada
Michelle Monday October 22, 2007
i am THRILLED with your customer service, and as soon as cole outgrows these new
shoes (like in about 10 minutes, i'm sure) i will be ordering a new pair from you.

many thanks,
Amber Lancaster Monday October 15, 2007
I just wanted to say how much Connor loves those crawl pants with the cushions ! They don't fit perfect (he is so skinny and long) BUT he gets
mad when I take them off. Seriously how does a 1 year old know!??! So I have already washed them twice and they are ready for tommorrow. Seriously he is addicted and I know they
make his booty and knees feel better! Anyway just wanted to say what a cool thing to win, he loves them!!!!
Fabi A. Sunday October 7, 2007
Hi Marina, the hat and helmet cover came shortly after I emailed you about them. The girl I gave the helmet
cover to looks so super cute, her parent's loved it (even the dad) and the sister in law was jealous that she didn't find it first.
My friend loved the orange dot livie and luca shoes.
They are all super cute. I never did give Noah's his because they fit too perfect and I decided I needed the bigger size for him. They were
too cute to just wear for a month until he didn't fit in them anymore.
But some lucky little boy will get those for their birthday or
something. I told Noah not to be jealous he'll get some new shoes too.
"What a neat idea" was the response to the crawling pants, I sent those out a while ago to some out of state friends who actually just had their baby on Friday, they got a pair of shoes too and liked those as well.
I may just go take a look at your website right now to see what new stuff you've got on there. Thanks!

From: Huntington Beach, CA
Susie Monday October 1, 2007
You have a really cute site! Loved browsing through it and seeing all your wonderful items.
From: Oklahoma
Susan Tuesday September 4, 2007
'A softer side to crawling' read review and comments from many moms about our comfy crawlers here:
Heather Patterson Monday August 20, 2007
I really appreciate your excellent customer service.

Amy Lewis Monday August 20, 2007
Can't wait to get these what a great idea!

From: Mission Viejo, CA
Heather Cardone Thursday August 9, 2007
These pants are great! I loved using them for my son. What a great idea! Thanks!
From: South Carolina
Shelley Malone Thursday July 5, 2007
Hi Marina, My mom has ordered me 2 pairs of these crawlers sadly, the
ones she mailed to me in Buenos Aires didn't ever arrive and we absolutely LOVE
them. My son has the blue swirlies. Thanks for a practical yet out of the ordinary

From: Houston, Texas
Marcy Revello Friday April 27, 2007
I love the pants! those babies in the catalog look great!Let me tell you not only do the clothes fit awesome but it is beautiful I sent the site to all my friends.
From: Miami, FL
Heather Ledeboer, owner of Mom 4 Life Thursday April 26, 2007
Gissy Bella has created a much needed product and added a touch of stylish comfort that makes it truly unique. We love our Gissy Bella pants!
Thank you, Heather Ledeboer
Owner and Mom 4 Life
From: Loma Linda, CA

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