Comfy Crawlers®, padded clothes for crawling infants and toddlers. A practical solution to red knees on crawling babies. Helping protect babies knees, elbows and tushies everywhere! "Designed by a mom and loved by babies!"


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Dawn Tombley Thursday April 26, 2007
When my daughter was first learning to walk, Comfy Crawlers gave her the much needed padding for those frequent tumbles.
From: Cooper City, FL
Patrick Wednesday April 25, 2007
The quality and colors of Comfy Crawlers are amazing. These pants are such a cute gift idea!
From: Sylmar, California
Purva Wednesday April 25, 2007
The pant quality and colors are amazing. I love the adjustable waist in these super cute and smooth pants. Thank You!
From: Orlando, FL
Jamie Bird, owner of Minime Baby Gear Wednesday April 25, 2007
I love these pants. Great for homes with tile or hard wood floors, and an excellent way to save precious baby knees. Not just functional- adorable as well!
From: Grand Rapids, MI
Jessye Talbot Wednesday April 25, 2007
I love these pants. This website is filled with useful and beautiful things to help a parent!!
From: Redlands, CA
Tammy Gibson, In Style Wednesday April 25, 2007
Comfy Crawlers are amazingly soft and padded...perfect for all the little explorers in the world! Thanks for putting out a much needed product!
From: Redlands, CA
Karen Staudacher Wednesday April 25, 2007
These pants are absolutely adorable. The website if filled with unique and very useful products which make great shower and baby gifts.
From: Kirkland, WA
chantelle skoretz Wednesday April 25, 2007
These pants are great the colors are so original and cute, everyone I know who sees these pants loves them and wants a pair!
From: california
Elisa Adams Tuesday April 24, 2007
Great idea! Love your pants! I'll tell all my friends!
From: Palmdale, CA
Fabi Ackerman Tuesday April 24, 2007
Can you say fabulous!!! We have tile floors throughout the house so the Comfy Crawlers were a life saver for our little boy's knees. Plus they are super cute, and who doesn't want a stylish baby?
From: Huntington Beach, CA
Vanessa Tuesday April 24, 2007
I love the pants. I have sent them as gifts to 2 of my friends with small babies and they love them!
From: Salt Lake City, Utah

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