Comfy Crawlers®, padded clothes for crawling infants and toddlers. A practical solution to red knees on crawling babies. Helping protect babies knees, elbows and tushies everywhere! "Designed by a mom and loved by babies!"



Baby Crawlers By Comfy Crawlers by Gissy Bella

For press inquiries, company fact sheet or product information you may send an email to  or call 954-232-8990. 

Mothers Day Special featuring Comfy Crawlers creator and mom entrepreneur:  Marina Westerdahl

'Comfy Crawlers are so practical and cute. I love that my son can crawl all over the pavement with not a scratch to his soft knees. We are outside a lot these days, and nothing works better than these crawling pants. They come in all different styles- bodysuits, pants, one piece outfits, prints, and denim.'  Jamie Bird, Owner of

 Mom Talk Radio host Michelle Waters interviews Marina Westerdahl, founder of and creator of the Comfy Crawler line. 

MedPed,'The latest solutions to protect children's delicate knees as they progress through the crawling stage.'

Gissy Bella Baby Boutique donates a $250 gift certificate for the Channel 2 Auction Fundraiser.

February 2009-'Our twins are starting to crawl and are learning to pull themselves up into a standing position...'  By Jessica F. Mom Fuse Founder Crawler giveaway! 'Fabulous Finds' by Pauline Lupercio
"How often are practical and cute combined in a baby product that Moms would not only love to give at baby showers, but buy for themselves, as well?read review

Neato Stuff:  July 2008 Review 'The padded section on the knees is the perfect way to keep those cute little knees bruise free.'

ThisNext:  'Adorable and stylish pants for toddler...'

NotesFromMyNest: (click on link to read review)

WAHM Business Opportunities:  Read Marina's story on how and why she started her business.


Pregnancy Magazine: April 2008 'Life & Style Products'
Parents Magazine, NY: November 2007  'New & Noteworthy It Products' 3, 2007  'Genius pants for babies...'
September 7, 2007  Ft. Lauderdale, FL-Maker of Comfy Crawlers to donate a portion of sales to the Florida Hemophilia Foundation.  Read more...

The editors at Pregnancy & Newborn magazine love our Comfy Crawlers.  Look for our editorial  in the August issue!  Look for us there!
Earnshaws Magazine is the leading trade magazine covering children's wear,  featuring fashion trends, retail expertise and industry news.  Look for our feature article in the July issue! (p.18) See a jpeg photo here
will feature Gissy Bella's founder and Comfy Crawlers creator Marina Westerdahl in the May Mother's Day issue of the Costco magazine!
 May 26, 2007  Comfy Crawlers, padded crawling pants provide the perfect solution to crawling babies' red knees.
"What a great idea! I truly can't wait to try these with our new little crawler when the time comes. Of course she has to get out of the womb first but when she is ready to get down on the floor and explore I will feel better knowing that she has protection."
  Proud sponsor of the 2007 Utah Baby Fair


"These are the pants you want your baby to wear everyday..."
"The latest solution to protecting childrens' delicate knees..."  (11/06)
"These pants are pure genius..."
"Comfy Crawlers are an ingenious creation..."
"Durable enough to reuse with all your children..."
James Girone
"New and innovative crawling pants provide padded protection..."
Swanky Moms
"Comfy Crawlers, a functional and stylish crawling pant designed to provide protection for your crawler's knees..."  
"Truly a brilliant design, all crawling babies should have one!"
So Swanky
"functional and stylish crawling pant designed to provide protection for your crawler's knees..."

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